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25-26 MAY 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas

B2B2C Solutions Inc.

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B2B2C Solutions helps retailers take advantage of the power of new technologies to gain an advantage in their businesses. In the digital age, stores need an extra edge to compete with other stores and online retail stores, while at the same time providing a new experience to customers. Through smart shelves using IOT, you gain the same insights into customer behaviour inside the store as an e-commerce company gets when someone looks at the products on their website. Details such as which sections of the store get the most footfall, which products get attention but don’t generate sufficient sales, inventory alerts, and much more will be available to you. Knowing these will help you tailor your products and marketing strategies to realize the maximum potential of your business. All this, while making it an engaging experience for your customers. We employ AI to give you insights into your business such as demand analysis and inventory management, identifying products through image matching, among other things. It also gives you insights into customers such as their shopping history to tailor promotions based on that, and identifying the most valuable customers to proactively provide them with a personal shopping experience. The security of a store is of paramount importance, and our application of AI will help you in combating thefts, and spotting suspicious behaviour in your stores. Our AR and VR products also give your businesses an added boost by having customers virtually experiencing a product before they choose to buy them. Customer engagement with products through these technologies will help them make decisions better, leading to more satisfied customers and an overall positive shopping experience for them. In a rapidly changing and challenging environment, providing a higher level of customer engagement and them having a positive experience is what makes or breaks a business. And we’ll help you make yours.

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