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25-26 MAY 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas

Conversation Couture

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Conversation Couture developed a new sales channel in the eCommerce space.   We train retail sales associates and managers how to offer and maximize their in-store experience virtually to boost sales without sacrificing the expected high quality of customer service. 

Conversation Couture Mission Statement

Conversation Couture will boost luxury retail sales through a new eCommerce sales channel without sacrificing brand consistency and quality of service.

The Luxury Brand Opportunity

When a customer walks into a luxury retail store, the sales associate needs to create a positive experience to advance a sale.  With an average of only 10% - 12% of luxury brand sales currently conducted online, stores must develop tools for engaging high-end customers in online experiences. This not only will benefit with an increase of sales, but will ensure the luxury brand remains relevant in the eCommerce space. 

Conversation Couture’s Solution

Conversation Couture understands that moving to an eCommerce space in the luxury brand market can be challenging to maintain the customer relationship and brand consistency. Therefore, we offer a tailored training solution for existing sales associates and managers to drive more sales within a virtual shopping experience that will maintain your company and brand goals when engaging with a customer. This makes the online experience seamless to the in-store experience. 

In the retail industry, developing the sales associate - customer relationship is key to turning a sale and generating customer retention especially within luxury brands.  By creating a similar relationship online, the sales associate is able to cultivate and retain that customer for future sales.

“Many luxury brands have been slow to embrace digital channels, but given how many people shopped online for the first time during the pandemic - including some who bought luxury goods - they need to catch up quickly. Brands that address challenges and opportunities without delay will be in a better position to navigate the new reality.”  -The Boston Consulting Group

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