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25-26 MAY 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas


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QLess was founded to solve a fundamental and global human problem: wasting time waiting in line. We’ve taken advantage of modern technology to solve this issue with mobile queueing. What is mobile queuing? Instead of waiting in a physical line, customers are able to join a virtual line via the QLess app, two-way SMS texts, or client websites. Once a customer has joined a line, they are provided with an estimated wait time and their current place in the queue. As they move further to the front, they are automatically notified, so they know to return to the business. This cuts out the need for customers to wait close by or stand in line to reserve their spot, meaning they can be out taking care of other matters while they wait. In light of COVID-19, organizations are now under tremendous pressure to deliver a superior customer experience while ensuring community safety, but are often constrained by archaic processes and outdated technology. With our cloud-based systems, organizations are able to deliver solutions that allow their customers to spend less time in line while simultaneously increasing operational efficiencies and staff productivity. By providing a modern solution to the outdated practice of waiting in line, QLess is transforming the way the world waits. Everyday, retail businesses depend on QLess to help manage their customer flow with virtual queues. Our cloud-based software will drastically improve the customer and staff experience.

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