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03-04 MAY 2023

LVCC, Las Vegas


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Rillavoice builds conversation intelligence software for outsides sales and service. Think telco retail associates, bank branch advisors, hardware store salespeople, field sales people in CPG and home improvement.

They talk to customers face to face. Our mobile app records their conversations from their tablets and smartphones. And then uses AI to automatically transcribe and analyze their conversations to help them improve their sales.

Instead of having to using mystery shoppers or field executives to audit their stores and train their sales people effectively, retailers use the Rillavoice speech analytics to get 2000x more visibility, 100x faster, and coach their sales people 25x more effectively.

It helps field sales managers save dozens of hours of coaching time every month. Increases sales visibility to 100%.

And also gives automated feedback to every in store rep, based on HOW the top performers in the company talk and WHAT they say.

Some of our customers have been able to improve their conversion rates by 40%.

Tel: 7864483325

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