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03-04 MAY 2023

LVCC, Las Vegas

Asia's Retail Tech Adaptation to the

As restrictions easen up, retailers all over the globe are slowly adapting to the new normal. Asian retailers have used up to date technology to their advantage when adhering to post COVID-19 guidelines. Whether its benefits are preventing the spread of the virus or generating sales, retailers have redesigned the consumer experience.

The 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Malaysia has implemented a tracking app shoppers are required to download before entering the mall. They must check in to separate checkpoints throughout the mall to scan their temperature before entering each store. Singapore has incorporated disinfectant robots which use ultralight technology to clean approximately 99% of bacteria on hard surfaces.

A major trend that has launched in China post pandemic are live-streaming shopping options. Key Opinion Leaders, also known as “KOLs” are built up of professionals from all industries that could sell thousands of yuan worth of goods in just a few minutes through interactive streaming sessions on platforms such as Alibaba’s Taobao Live, Kuaishou and ByteDance’s Douyin. Messaging apps similar to “WhatsApp” have taken over the personalized shopping scene for upscale malls in Hong Kong and Thailand. This allows consumers to shop comfortably through home delivery or curbside pickup.

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