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1 & 2 Sept 2021

LVCC, Las Vegas

Debbie Churgai: Speaking at the Smart Retail Tech Expo

Debbie Churgai

Executive Director  -  Americans for Safe Access

No Patient Left Behind: A National Update on Patient Access to Medical Cannabis in the U.S.

This presentation will give a thorough summary of the current state of access to medical cannabis in the U.S. Due to the current patchwork of state laws, each state has different legislative and regulatory conditions for access, leaving millions of people who should be able to obtain and use cannabis for medical purposes without access. Barriers include: federal employees, veterans who utilize the VA, people in jurisdictions with restrictive lists of qualifying conditions, employees subject to drug testing in jurisdictions that don’t provide employment protections, patients in treatment or hospice centers, school-age minors, people living in poverty, and people on organ transplant lists where explicit patient protections are not written into law. The presentation will focus on the barriers that still exist for patients even in states with robust medical cannabis programs and adult use and explore ways in which we can improve these programs so that no patient is left behind.

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