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1 & 2 Sept 2021

LVCC, Las Vegas

John Irwin: Speaking at the Smart Retail Tech Expo

John Irwin

Founder & CEO  -  EVO3

A Survivor’s Story: Insights Into My CBD Cancer Case Study

In 2012 I was diagnosed with a sarcoma in my neck and chest. As a result, I made significant lifestyle changes and fought hard for my life. Just when I thought my cancer days were behind me, in 2015 Doctors found unrelated tumors in both my lungs and abdomen. While being treated for cancer a second time, I also started using CBD Oil religiously. While I cannot attribute my remission solely to CBD, I can say that I believe it was a major contributor in defying impossible odds against this terrible disease. Even the doctors who treated me could not explain the strides I have made. Suffice it to say, I am grateful to be standing here today to share my story.

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