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1 & 2 Sept 2021

LVCC, Las Vegas

Ryan McKeever: Speaking at the Smart Retail Tech Expo

Ryan McKeever

President  -  Plotline

THE CHASE: Learn how to find your place in the CBD and industrial hemp market.

Ryan’s time on stage will educate you on the CBD industry in an entertaining way. You will hear stories of hard working, high yield CBD hemp farmers to extractors, manufactures, small businesses, and customers. In short, seeing the CBD market from every human angle. There will be stories of mite infestations, a chili dryer fire, the bottoming out of the CBD producer’s market (biomass, isolate, distillate, etc.), and a one million pound deal gone bad with a Chinese company four months before COVID.

You will learn about Ryan’s journey becoming a hemp farmer and go down the rabbit hole with him and his camera to see how that has shaped his future. Along the way, he learns valuable information and takes inventory of what he’s learning. The puzzle pieces start to come together and he evaluates the CBD industry from a bird’s eye view and realizes that to succeed in this ever-changing market you must:

• Know your why
• Avoid trend chasing
• Find your place in a sea of product competition
• Be willing to PIVOT

• The industry is constantly changing. Where do YOU fit in?
• How CBD hemp farming is now a niche business similar to
vineyard or fruit.
• What do changing regulations mean for the industry?
• How the end of marijuana prohibition affects the industry.



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