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1 & 2 Sept 2021

LVCC, Las Vegas

Teresa Kearney: Speaking at the Smart Retail Tech Expo

Teresa Kearney

Sales Director  -  Panacea Payroll

Protecting Your Green - Using Payroll, HR & Timekeeping

Operators, owners and managers from any CBD/Hemp operation will benefit from this session. Compliance is an enormous concern in the industry and having a reliable payroll, HR and timekeeping system can keep office operations running smoothly and efficiently. My presentation is given as a powerpoint so required equipment or stage space is minimal. However, I do NOT follow along the slides and merely read them to the attendees. This presentation is interactive with ongoing discussion tailored to the interests and needs of those attending. We will discuss such topics as 1099 vs W2 employees, employee handbooks, HR/OSHA compliance, timekeeping/buddy punching issues, and the legal ramifications of not having a reliable timekeeping system.

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