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1 & 2 Sept 2021

LVCC, Las Vegas

Industry Awards

These awards, co-located with the White Label Industry Awards, recognise those that are breaking boundaries across the different sectors of the ecommerce, retail, and emerging markets industry.

With three awards up for grabs at this year’s event, nominees are those whose product, service or strategy are having a massive impact and influence on the success of the ecommerce, retail, and wholesale marketplace. Our Industry Awards will select a handful of exhibitors that are providing unparalleled opportunities and solutions, helping retail professionals to establish an extremely profitable business. The finalists will pitch their proposals to a panel of industry experts, in front of a large live audience!

Leading Manufacturer Award

This award goes to a manufacturer that is established for the trusting relationship they have with their clients, ensuring there is a fantastic quality control system in place and providing a seamless experience.

Innovative Product of the Year

This award is here to credit the product that has taken the lead with this year because of its innovation. This is for any company providing a product that they see as an unstoppable force and the basis for thousands of online retailers’ success.

Service of the Year

This award is for manufacturers or businesses that provide the best of a type of service. From branding to payment solutions, a certain aspect of your business is rated excellently by your customers and makes their experience with you something worth repeating.

2020 Industry Award Winners

Leading Manufacturer

Innovative Product of the Year

Service of the Year