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25-26 MAY 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas


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ForumPay, consumers buy with crypto - merchants get paid in fiat. ForumPay is a payments technology and processing solution which empowers the more than 150+ million crypto consumers to purchase everyday goods and services using their preferred cryptocurrency and preferred wallet with ForumPay Merchants.  ForumPay Merchants receive payments in the fiat currency of their choice directly into their preferred bank account.  As a ForumPay Merchant, the transactional experience is the same as accepting credit cards or other popular payment options, but simpler, faster and more secure. Four Reasons Merchants Should Accept Crypto: 1) Increase Revenue -Studies show that 40% of crypto consumers are net new customers to the merchant spending twice that of a typical credit card transaction. 2) Embrace 150M+ New Customers - There are an estimated 150M+ active wallets supported by ForumPay. 3) Eliminate Chargebacks/Fraud - ForumPay transactions are instant and irreversible. 4) Access Transactional Volumes Higher than Visa - The peak total daily value of transactions on the blockchain reached $8B in December 2020.

Tel: 9546703835

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