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May 8th & 9th 2024

LVCC, Las Vegas

SeeTek, LLC

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The SeeTek® OuterBanx® Program is a “mini bank branch in a box” solution that delivers mainstream banking products to capture some of the estimated $500 billion in alternative financial services now used by the Bank Challenged™ market. OuterBanx® is the power behind YOUR BRAND for ease of entry into this market. Designed to be extremely easy to use and backed by proven network of services that perform forensic authentication of scanned ID, check images and security layers using multi-sourced databases to comply with Patriot Act KYC (Know your Customer), OFAC’s, BSA/AML, etc and mitigate fraud proactively at the point of entry. The Cashier assisted OuterBanx® terminal and OBxMobile App has a complete range of Money Remittance, Bill Pay, Prepaid Long Distance, Cell Phone Top Up, etc services designed to increase profitability and retain clients. OuterBanx® is designed to be white labeled for YOUR BRAND to provide retail banking services to both unbanked/underbanked and traditional markets at very low cost, ie $149/year vs $2,250+/year at a predatory check casher.

The OuterBanx® terminal incorporates “state of the art” AI (Artificial Intelligence) to effectively on board a new client via registration, authentication and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

•“Easy to use” touch screens guide cashier/operator & eliminate data entry errors
•Scan, image and validate client’s ID & check including security features with complete image OCR
•Automatically collect and validate all client & check information to comply with US laws, regulations and eliminate fraud: Check 21, RDC, FinCEN, Patriot Act KYC, BSA/AML Act and CTF
•Instant issue FDIC insured personal bank accounts
•NO Paperwork, NO Credit Check, One Time Enrolment
•Instant print & issue Photo ID Debit Card with upgraded branded card available
•Other features: rolling PIN, web & mobile banking

Tel: 702 490 6031

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