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April 16 & 17 2025

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Top Delivery Success Rates Around the World

The days of waiting weeks for packages to arrive are long gone. Failed deliveries are out of the question in this era of instant gratification where customers expect to receive their parcels quickly and safely. However, given the complex nature of last-mile delivery coupled with uncertainties surrounding the pandemic situation, it is understandable that some regions experience higher delivery success rates than others. 


In line with this, our media partner, Parcel Monitor recently took a closer look at the different first-time delivery success rates around the world to see if there was a pattern of any kind. The key findings of the study are as follows:

  • Overall delivery success rate was the highest in Asia.
  • There was little to no difference between weekday and weekend delivery performances in most regions.

  • While the overall success rate in North America was relatively high on Sunday, the US saw a much lower figure on the same day.

For full insights, check out the full article here!