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03-04 MAY 2023

LVCC, Las Vegas

Upskill for 21st Century Success: Certification in Virtual Retail Sales

“I love aimlessly clicking around a retail website hoping to find what I’m looking for,” said no one ever. Unfortunately for most consumers, that’s what frequently happens. Sometimes all you really need is a quick answer to questions like “What does that fabric feel like?” or “Should I use this face cleanser if I live in a humid environment?” Chat boxes, though well-intentioned, don’t quite meet the standard for excellent customer service. Would-be customers have to answer so many questions before communicating with a real person, or worse: a bot.

Over the last two years, customers’ expectations have dramatically changed with regard to online shopping. The retail industry is trying to catch up. The concept of someone virtually helping you is new, but much needed. Brands have invested in a myriad of technology on their websites, such as adding virtual sessions, chat boxes, AI technologies, and the ability to recommend items, but none are providing a human touch and genuine service during the sales process.

The research firm, McKinsey & Company, just came out with a report, “The State of Fashion Technology,” and it states that “store associates are at the center of the luxury shopping experience.” Why would any brand sacrifice their core strength—the sales specialist—during the virtual sales process if there was a path to engage them? The clear solution is to upskill existing retail employees and managers to effectively sell in a virtual environment. Doing so opens up a new and vast channel for sales specialists to make more commission and increase their sales network while driving greater online sales for the brand.

Conversation Couture is the first to offer a career path for luxury retail sales specialists with upskill training to become a certified virtual sales specialist. Imagine the possibilities! Certified retail sales specialists can better retain their “transient” customers visiting from out of town, host virtual sales parties (weddings, birthdays, etc.), and actually drive sales through the chat box—not just use it for customer support.

In-person selling is very different from virtual selling. Certification provides customers with the service they expect from brands and makes optimal use of the chat box and existing seasoned sales specialists.