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Parcel Monitor: 5 Best Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment in the United States

Shopping cart abandonment continues to be a significant challenge for e-commerce platforms in the United States and globally, with nearly 72.14% of online carts left unfinished according to Dynamic Yield's latest data. This issue, exacerbated by unexpected costs and cumbersome checkout processes, leads to substantial revenue losses. Recent insights from a Rakuten Insight Global survey, done in collaboration with Parcel Monitor, shed light on the primary factors behind this trend among American consumers and underscore the necessity for retailers to adopt strategies to mitigate these losses.

This article explores effective measures to reduce cart abandonment, particularly in the U.S. market. Key strategies include transparent upfront disclosure of shipping costs and fees, setting reasonable free shipping thresholds, providing accurate delivery expectations, streamlining the checkout process, and offering multiple payment options. Implementing these strategies can help e-commerce businesses enhance customer satisfaction, recover potential lost sales, and build lasting customer loyalty.

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