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April 16 & 17 2025

LVCC, Las Vegas


Sharp retailers are looking to meet the evolving behaviors of omnichannel consumers head ondue to the explosive growth of online shopping as a result of the global pandemic. This significant change in customer preference has led to a marked increase in retailers’ eCommerce business and the evolution of the omnichannel consumer. A direct result of this shift is a marked increase in the number of purchases and returns generated online and customers’ demand forself-service pickup. Simply put, most consumers would rather handle their pickup and returns than wait for a retail associate to do so for them.

Many retailers are challenged to keep up with the volume of traffic seen at their returns and exchange counter. These counters are costly, labor intensive to staff, disorganized and manualin nature. This results in shoppers spending time waiting in line or giving up entirely and leaving frustrated. When this happens, retailers fail to capture the loyalty of these omnichannel customers who show clear preferences to continue their shopping in store once they handle their pickup or return.

Investing in technology such as the iPickup Self-Service eCommerce Center from PositionImaging streamlines the Click & Collect (BOPIS) process for customers, 73% of which expressa clear desire to handle pickup and returns on their own. With self-checkout for pickup, drop-off and returns at retail growing at a 30% projected rate, it’s more important than ever for retailers to invest in self service solutions that will allow them to meet this demand. Because the added footfall of these omnichannel customers will result in added sales. Watch the video here for more information on this innovative retail eCommerce solution.