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What do you need to know before starting a Replatforming Project in 2024?

With the ever-changing landscape of eCommerce, choosing the right platform can greatly impact the success of your business. As we enter 2024 the wrong tech stack can hold you back from hitting your goals for sales and great customer experience.

At the heart of the tech stack is the right platform - a decision you need to get right, and then manage well.

Replatforming requires careful planning, consideration, and a clear understanding of your goals. 

You need to run a sensible tendering process, avoid wasting time and resources by involving too many agencies. Plus, replatforming is not just about the website itself, youve got to involve the whole team - from marketing and SEO to ops.

So, if you're considering a replatform you need to get your project management hat on and get planning… here’s some key steps to make that work for your business.

1. Have a clear destination or end goal in mind: Just like any journey, replatforming requires a clear vision of where you want to be with your website after the migration. This will allow for more efficient allocation of resources and ensure that the critical areas of the project are adequately focused.

2. Align your business goals and objectives: Before diving into the replatforming process, take the time to define your business goals and objectives. This will help you evaluate different ecommerce platforms based on factors like scalability, customization options, ease of use, and pricing. Choose a platform that aligns with your specific requirements.

3. Develop a detailed budget and timeline: Replatforming projects can be complex and time-consuming. To avoid unnecessary delays and wasted resources, create a comprehensive budget and timeline for the project. This will help you stay organized, allocate resources effectively, and ensure a smoother transition to your new platform.

These tips are taken from a recent episode of the eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast, and if you're planning a website move or considering a replatforming project, I highly recommend listening to the full episode. It's packed with expert insights and practical advice that can save you time, money, and potentially transform your eCommerce business.

Find it here!